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Blindy.TV is a charitable project created by blind people that believe that the blind should be able to enjoy the same television programming that entertains and contributes to the shared culture of their sighted family and friends. We contribute freely of our time and resources to provide a free described television programming service to those that are served by neither commercial products nor government programs. The current service provides a few channels of audio-only television programming, in several genres, all with audio description.

If you'd like, you can read more about Blindy.TV, and the people that bring it to you.

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ComedyCorner Gas - Get the F Off My LawnListen to Comedy
Dramacommercial - More Blindy.TV in a moment.Listen to Drama
ScifiListen to Scifi
BrainPenn & Teller - Bullshit! - ProstitutionListen to Brain
ETCA Very British Renaissance - The Renaissance ArrivesListen to ETC

Content Advisory

CAUTION! Blindy.TV contains a wide range of content, and much of it is intended for a mature audience. Some programs, particularly on the Comedy and Drama channels, contain coarse language, descriptions of violence, and occasional descriptions of sexual activities. Please exercise your own judgment when determining if the programming on a particular channel is suitable for you.

All commercials, public service announcements, and news breaks heard on Blindy TV are fictional, and are for entertainment purposes only.

Listening to Blindy.TV

If you experience problems when attempting to listen to Blindy.TV, please visit our Help area.

Blindy.TV is your accessible couch potato experience. Flip through 5 completely described channels, featuring dozens of shows and thousands of episodes. New programs begin at 0 and 30 minutes after the hour. Please investigate the individual channel pages for schedules.

The easiest way to listen to Blindy.TV is through this web site, using the Blindy.TV Web Player.

However, many people prefer to listen with their own software or stand-alone media player. If your media player supports multiple stream playlists (Winamp, Windows Media Player, Foobar2000, iTunes), then you can load the Blindy.TV Playlist. Once you're connected, you can change channels by using your media player's Next and Previous controls, in a similar way that you would flip through channels with a TV remote. For even more channels of audio TV, try our Audio TV Playlist.

If your media player doesn't support multiple stream playlists, then you can still bookmark our individual streams. Use the Listen links in the "Now Playing" table found at the top of each page, or refer to the URL List.

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Audio TV Playlist Updates

Did you know that you can listen to other TV programming online, including other channels with description? Our Audio TV Playlist is a free resource that helps you quickly flip through these available TV streams/channels, brought to you from Blindy.TV and others, without having to visit multiple web sites or use multiple media players.

Update: Schedules and New Content

The top requested improvement for Blindy TV is finally here! This update brings our first schedules, new shows, new music, and more.

Web Player Keyboard Shortcuts

While you can operate the Blindy.TV Web Player simply by navigating to, and activating, its buttons with your screen reader, we also provide a few keyboard shortcuts that let you rapidly operate the player's controls.

About the name "Blindy.TV"

We’ve heard some negative feedback about the Blindy.TV name. Of course, some people will always be upset about everything, but we would prefer that, in our case, that they would at least be upset about the right thing. Very sadly, a few people seem to think that we are intentionally demeaning blind people with the term “blindy”, and that misses the point entirely. Our choice to go with the name “Blindy” TV reflects our frustration with mainstream media forcing us into accessible tech ghettos, and our sarcastic humor.

For those that would like to know the rest, our About page has been updated with a section about our name choice, and some political ranting.

In short, though, we aren’t Blindy TV to offend you. We are Blindy TV because we are offended, and think that you should be, too.

Dropped streams, continued

We are still receiving occasional reports about people being dropped from the streams. Of course, this can happen due to all sorts of problems on the Internet between you and our servers, but we would like to be sure that we have done as much as possible on our end to reduce these.

If you are dropped from a stream, and you are fairly certain that the Internet is working well on your end, then please contact us either through here, or through @BlindyTV on Twitter. Please tell us the time when you were dropped (to with-in a few minutes is fine). Keep in mind that time depends on where you are in the world, so, when you report a dropped stream, please tell us what time zone you are in, or else give us the time in UTC.

If you continue to get dropped, please keep sending us reports. If you stop reporting the problem, we can only assume that you’ve stopped experiencing it.

We have large buffers between all stages of our streaming solution, and believe that these buffers should be able to absorb most temporary Internet glitches. We have a theory, though, that the problem might be related to certain tasks that run here at specific times during the week. Therefore, it is important that you report exactly when you were dropped.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


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