Content Update: New Shows and Episodes

After a long wait, Blindy.TV has been upgraded with nearly 2,000 hours of new content. While a few new shows have been placed on the schedule, you’ll find many new surprises during our unscheduled times. For people that don’t know, during the parts of the day where shows are not specifically listed on the schedule, we play random shows from our library. Many of our most interesting shows are available in limited quantity, and so only play during these unscheduled times. The ETC channel plays random shows, all day long.

To find a channel’s schedule, open that channel’s page in the web player on the Blindy.TV web site. The schedule is listed in a table for easy browsing.

Following are some highlights of recent changes to Blindy.TV. All times are UTC.

On Comedy, only one new show, Friends, has been added to the schedule. However, many new episodes have been added to the daily adult animation block that plays from 03:00 until 05:00. Hundreds of episodes have been added for the other shows that already play on this channel. People said they were becoming tired of the stand-up comedy, so we’ve been playing crank calls during the breaks, instead. If you have other suggestions for fun material to play during breaks, please send us a tweet or e-mail.

On Drama, we have a few new shows on the schedule: Castle, Rozzoli and Isles, and Orange is the New Black. Over 600 new episodes for existing shows have been added, as well. In particular, House M.D., Boardwalk Empire, and Revenge, each have been significantly expanded. House fans should note that House has swapped slots with ER, playing at the same time, but during the week, instead of on weekends.

On Scifi, we finally have enough episodes of A Game of Thrones to place it on the schedule at 18:00. As with the other channels, many shows feature new episodes. In particular, we now have 2 new seasons of the Star Wars Clone Wars cartoons.

Brain has been upgraded with hundreds of new described documentaries. Since there is no schedule on Brain, we are considering a format change that would eliminate the commercials and play shows back-to-back. The advantage is that you would no longer need to wait through the breaks for the start of another show. The disadvantage is that, if you don’t like the current show, it would be difficult to know exactly when a new show would be starting. Please tweet or e-mail to let us know what you think

Thanks to everyone that has sent feedback about their experience with listening to BlindyTV. BlindyTV was started to give people a taste of what real described TV could sound like, and to hopefully motivate them to push for a similar experience on their real TV. In the three years since we launched, audio description is more common on US TV than it was, and services like Netflix and iTunes have begun to offer audio description for a limited list of shows. This is great, but we can do better. Many US TV stations still do not carry the audio description track for shows that already include description. Netflix and iTunes do not carry the described versions of shows that already air with description. Many popular services, like Hulu and Amazon Instant Video, do not carry audio description tracks at all. We hope that you enjoy listening to BlindyTV, but remember that the goal is equal access to mainstream media, not a blind ghetto. Please contact these services and let them know how much you want content that includes audio description.