Update: changes to schedules and new content

Greetings, Blindy.TV listeners! It has been several months since the last content update. We have been busy with Summer plans and programming the next version of Blindy.TV, but have taken time out to bring you new content. This update is focused strongly on improving Brain by stuffing it full of new material, although we have goodies for the other channels, as well.

New on Comedy

New on the schedule: Corner Gas, Red Dwarf, and New Girl. For the entire schedule, go here.

New episodes: The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, Bob's Burgers, The Simpsons (with US narration), How I Met Your Mother, The Cleveland Show, American Dad, Animal Practice, The Neighbors, and other surprises.

New on Drama

New on the schedule: Law and Order UK, Millennium, and Murder She Wrote. For the entire schedule, go here.

New episodes: Blue Bloods, Boardwalk Empire, Bones, Elementary, Revenge, and Saving Hope.

New on Scifi

New episodes: Doctor Who, Fringe, The Vampire Diaries, Being Human, and A Town Called Eureka.

New on Brain

With this update, we have nearly doubled the amount of content on Brain. Even our hardcore listeners that go to sleep with Brain on each night will need to listen for over a year before encountering a repeat. Sweet dreams.

AudioTV Playlist Update

The AudioTV Playlist, a service of Blindy.TV, assembles links to audio TV streams from around the world for easy listening in your media player. On the AudioTV Playlist, you’ll find streams from Blindy.TV and other online services that play TV programming, but also streams of traditional broadcast TV channels that include audio description.

We are glad to report that the streaming of AudioTV, both the rebroadcast of existing channels, as well as original channels, is on the increase lately. The AudioTV Playlist now has 24 channels! You can listen to live TV from the UK with audio description, classic TV from the US, and even news networks.

If you know of additional streams that are not on the AudioTV Playlist, or for advice regarding how to setup your own stream, please contact us.