Blindy.TV Offline

Sadly, due to a significant equipment failure today, and the inconvenient timing of the failure, Blindy.TV will be offline for an extended period.

Given that Blindy.TV is totally free, we have designed the system to prioritize cost savings over most everything else. While some portions of Blindy.TV are cloud-based, others run on regular desktop computers and connect with residential Internet. The amount of storage and processing power required to run the current version of Blindy.TV makes it impossible to completely put it in the cloud, given the current budget.

This afternoon, the desktop computer that coordinates the automation had a total failure of the primary hard drive. Everything is backed up, but restoring a full drive backup will take time. Complicating matters, this is a holiday weekend in the US, and so no one will be available to fix this until Monday or Tuesday of the coming week, at the earliest.

All is safe, though, and we will return. We will post additional updates to Twitter next week (@BlindyTV).