Update: New Schedules and Content

After several delays, our next big update is now online! Keep reading to learn about the big improvements to the Comedy Channel, new shows on all channels, our efforts to increase streaming quality, and future plans.

New Listening Options

Before we cover what is new about Blindy.TV, we would like to remind everyone about all of the ways that are available for listening to the streams, as several of them have only been added in the last few months. After all, while Blindy.TV is interesting at your desk or on your laptop, it is particularly nice to enjoy during a commute, or when you are out somewhere with a little time to fill.

  • Of course, you can continue to listen through the Web Player without installing any additional software on your computer.
  • You can open one of our playlists, such as the Audio TV Playlist, in a media player, if one is installed. In addition to Blindy.TV channels, listening this way gives you access to channels around the world that feature shows with audio description, including AMI in Canada.
  • On your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod), you can listen to Blindy.TV through several different radio apps, including TuneIn Radio, ooTunes, and iBlink Radio.

New on Comedy

Comedy has been updated with its first schedules, new shows, and many new episodes of existing shows. In all, there is now over 60% new material on Comedy.

To see the new schedules for Comedy, just go to Comedy’s page in the “Now Playing” table, found at the top of every page on the Blindy.TV site. The main daily schedule block begins at 22:00 UTC, with a smaller block at 12:00 UTC. Most hours play two episodes of the same show. We may change this in a few weeks, depending on the popularity of different shows.

New on Comedy, hear episodes of The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Red Dwarf, How to Make It in America, and others.

For existing shows, we have several new seasons of The Simpsons, Two and a Half Men, and All In The Family. Additionally, we have many new episodes of Guys With Kids, New Girl, American Dad, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, and others.

As a special note about The Simpsons, most of our new episodes have US narration. The US narration includes a greater amount of description, and is not censored. During the next few days, the newer episodes will appear with greater frequency than usual.

During breaks on Comedy, in addition to parody news breaks and stand-up, you’ll now occasionally hear parody sports news.

New on Drama

The Drama schedule has been expanded to include new shows. You can view the full schedule here.

New on the schedule: Criminal Minds, Downton Abbey, and Revenge.

Elementary and Cracker can now be heard during unscheduled times on Drama and ETC.

Drama now also features new episodes of House M.D., Blue Bloods, Chicago Fire, and Law & Order; Special Victims Unit.

New on Scifi

The full Scifi schedule can be viewed here.

The Star Wars Clone Wars cartoons, with description, of course, are now on Scifi. A block of two episodes plays twice a day at 11:00 and 19:00 UTC.

Also new on the Scifi schedule: Reaper, A Town Called Eureka, Life On Mars, and No Ordinary Family.

Journeymen can now be heard during unscheduled times on Scifi and ETC.

We have been playing Merlin for several months. However, Merlin was incorrectly set to play random episodes. Starting today, Merlin will now play the entire series, in order, starting with the pilot. Oh, and we added new episodes.

Finally, we have added new seasons of Being Human, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries, as well as several new episodes of Doctor Who and Star Trek, Deep Space 9.

New on Brain

Brain has always played a mix of edutainment, both with and without description. Recently, the amount of content without description had become an increasingly larger portion of the library. In this update, we have improved that situation by adding over 200 hours of new content to Brain, all with description.

The mix on Brain has also been adjusted to favor described content. If you were getting bored with episodes of “How It’s Made”, then please give Brain another try.

New on ETC

ETC is our channel where shows are played that can’t easily fit in to the theme of another channel. The intention is for ETC to be a wild card experience. When you listen to ETC, you’ll hear a mix of described game shows, reality shows, and others that are only heard on ETC, together with selections from other Blindy.TV channels.

As of this update, in addition to the existing ETC library, you’ll now hear episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, Doc Martin, The Fall Guy, Murder She Wrote, and others.

The mix on ETC has also been modified to increase the variety. “Come Fly With Me”, is a great show, but was playing way too often.

Other News

It has been a busy two months since our last big update. We had planned to announce this current update in early April, but technological forces conspired to redirect our efforts.

A massive hard drive failure in early April was a lesson that even backups of backups need backups. Fortunately, nothing was lost, and we think that our new storage strategy will be able to stand against crashes, floods, fires, and earth quakes.

After several unsuccessful tweaks to reduce the amount of buffering that people were experiencing while listening to the streams, we took some time out in late March and early April to move parts of Blindy.TV to a higher quality hosting provider, and simplified some other parts of the streaming chain. This has increased our costs a bit, but we think that we have finally eliminated the buffering problems! If you had problems with receiving Blindy.TV in the past, please try again.

In late March, Blindy.TV presented at the Description Leadership Network conference at the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute. Based on your feedback, we shared what we have learned about what blind people like and dislike about existing content, as well as where and how they consume it. It was also exciting to hear about all of the various efforts to increase the amount of video description on TV, online, and beyond. We have plans to collaborate with several projects as a result of this conference, and hope that we will have exciting results to share with you in the next few months.

Final Thoughts

Not counting documentaries, Blindy.TV now regularly plays over 120 different described shows. Our library consists of more than 3,500 hours of content, and over 4,000 individual episodes. Hundreds of people listen to Blindy.TV every day from all over the world, and over 7,000 people have tried Blindy.TV since our launch in January.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback, encouragement, and assistance! It is great to know that so many people enjoy listening, and particularly exciting when we hear that someone learned about the existence of described TV through Blindy.TV. Stay tuned for news about our big expansion plans, and please tell your friends about us!