Audio TV Playlist Updates

Did you know that you can listen to other TV programming online, including other channels with description? Our Audio TV Playlist is a free resource that helps you quickly flip through these available TV streams/channels, brought to you from Blindy.TV and others, without having to visit multiple web sites or use multiple media players.

The following channels have been added to the Audio TV playlist. Remember that, other than the Blindy.TV channels themselves, these are all provided through other sites, and we are therefore not responsible for their content.

AMI-TV is a Canadian channel that exclusively plays described content. They play many described shows not currently available on Blindy.TV, as well as newer episodes for shows that we currently play. Please investigate their schedule for available shows and broadcast times.

After recovering from equipment failures, Liam's TV stream has returned. You can once again hear what Liam is not watching.

The MythBusters and Pawn Stars channels play random episodes from these shows 24X7. These are not presented as TV channels, but, as they are TV shows, we decided to include them. We will keep them if they are enjoyed.

The group of news TV streams now includes MSNBC.

Finally, at the very end of the Audio TV Playlist, you will find a curious little stream called FX Radio. With FX, there are no descriptions at all, and, since there is also no video, we invite you to listen and use your imagination. Truly, no one is exactly certain what is happening on FX.

Since the Audio TV playlist was first launched, we have sadly lost a few channels.

James's TV was a great channel to hear live described shows from the UK. This channel is down due to equipment failure, and will thankfully return soon.

BananaVision was a great Internet-only channel that played lots of great zany and retro shows. Though the shows were not described, they were shows that were heavy on dialog, and so worked well as an audio-only stream. Though the version previously on the Audio TV playlist was a prototype demonstration, many people loved it as-is. The channel is currently offline for continued development, and, after thoroughly enjoying the prototype, we eagerly hope that this great resource will return. If you feel the same, please tell @bananavision on Twitter to please come back!

To make the most of the Audio TV playlist, please bookmark the URL of the playlist in your media player, rather than downloading the M3U file itself. We understand that, due to the limitations of some media players, some people must download the M3U file in order to play it. However, keep in mind that the Audio TV Playlist changes as new streams become available and old streams die. By using the URL of the Playlist, you will always be using the most up-to-date list of channels.

The URL of the Audio TV Playlist is:

If you know of other streams that play TV shows or live TV, or would like to comment about the Audio TV Playlist, then please contact us.

Expect a new Blindy.TV content update soon, featuring new shows and schedule improvements!

Happy listening!