About the name "Blindy.TV"

We’ve heard some negative feedback about the Blindy.TV name. Of course, some people will always be upset about everything, but we would prefer that, in our case, that they would at least be upset about the right thing. Very sadly, a few people seem to think that we are intentionally demeaning blind people with the term “blindy”, and that misses the point entirely. Our choice to go with the name “Blindy” TV reflects our frustration with mainstream media forcing us into accessible tech ghettos, and our sarcastic humor.

For those that would like to know the rest, our About page has been updated with a section about our name choice, and some political ranting.

In short, though, we aren’t Blindy TV to offend you. We are Blindy TV because we are offended, and think that you should be, too.