Dropped streams, continued

We are still receiving occasional reports about people being dropped from the streams. Of course, this can happen due to all sorts of problems on the Internet between you and our servers, but we would like to be sure that we have done as much as possible on our end to reduce these.

If you are dropped from a stream, and you are fairly certain that the Internet is working well on your end, then please contact us either through here, or through @BlindyTV on Twitter. Please tell us the time when you were dropped (to with-in a few minutes is fine). Keep in mind that time depends on where you are in the world, so, when you report a dropped stream, please tell us what time zone you are in, or else give us the time in UTC.

If you continue to get dropped, please keep sending us reports. If you stop reporting the problem, we can only assume that you’ve stopped experiencing it.

We have large buffers between all stages of our streaming solution, and believe that these buffers should be able to absorb most temporary Internet glitches. We have a theory, though, that the problem might be related to certain tasks that run here at specific times during the week. Therefore, it is important that you report exactly when you were dropped.

Sorry for any inconvenience.