Service Interruption

We had to reset all of the automation in order to fix a problem with the Drama channel. As a result, the schedules will not be synchronized until 23:00 UTC / 6:00 PM US Eastern. Programs played during the current hour will abruptly stop at the top of the new hour.

A listener reported that the Drama channel had been offline for a bit. After checking, we discovered that the automation for Drama had been almost entirely frozen since early this morning. The particular freeze was so extreme that the only way to fix it was to restart the entire automation system.

Due to limitations in our current automation, restarting the streams in the middle of the hour means that the programming of the last hour will partially repeat, and will be interrupted when the next hour starts. We know that this is confusing, and so restarts are avoided at all costs. The next version of our automation software will be able to resume in mid-hour.